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Fall and Winter Holidays - Holiday Menu - pre-ordering only

Holiday Tarts and Pies

Classic holiday fare all made from scratch with all natural and whole food ingredients and no chemicals.
Choose 10 in or 4 in tarts or 9 inch pies

10 inch pumpkin tart - hazelnut crust +$29.50Pumpkin Pie - hazlenut crust +$264 inch pumpkin tart - hazelnut crust +$5.9510 inch Apple tart - hazelnut crust +$29.50Apple Pie - lattice top - hazlenut Crust +$264 inch apple tart - hazelnut crust +$5.9510 inch Maple Pecan tart - flaky Pie Crust +$29.50Maple Pecan Pie - flaky pie crust +$264 inch maple pecan tart +$5.9510 inch Lemon Meringue Tart - flaky pie crust +$29.50Lemon Meringue Pie +$264 inch lemon meringue tart +$5.954 inch chocolate lemon tart +$5.9510 inch cranberry tart- flaky pie crust +$29.50Cranberry Pie - lattice top - flaky pie crust +$264 inch cranberry tart +$5.95
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